African GirlBlack Girls Guide is a “how to” publication with purpose. What is the purpose? To inspire Black girls to be enlightened, bright, daring, confident, and successful.

In the process, we illuminate the journey through womanhood with:

• Culture/History

• Beauty/Grace

• Resilience/Dignity

• Transformation/Evolution

• Self-Esteem/Self-Worth

• Knowledge/Consciousness

• Soulfulness/Spiritual Development

Written by Angela D. Coleman, Black Girls Guide is a book series available as a printed copy or Ebook from our Store or Amazon. Each book in the series contains approximately 50 pages of text and pictures sized 5.5″ x 8.5.″  More Sisterhood Agenda products are also available at the Sister Store.

These are precisely the type of resources that our girls need to navigate their way through life:

Awesome! As a father of two girls, ages eight and fifteen, I try to give my daughters every tool to broaden their horizons and who better, outside of their mother, to look up to than First Lady Michelle Obama. As soon as I read the intro, I downloaded it to their Kindles. After reading a little more, I downloaded it to my mom’s, as well as my wife’s tablets. Heck, I might as well read it myself. I hope to have found a great resource for continued knowledge and inspiration to the women in my life in the Black Girls Guide line of resources.
LaMont Sledge

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